Terms of Use


By using the URL Shortener NaMaidani, you believe that you have read and agree to our Terms of Use. If you do not agree, you should not use our website and its services and leave this site immediately.
We reserve the right to change these terms at any time in our sole discretion and if you do not agree to this you must leave this site immediately and not use it and its services.


You are allowed to send an unlimited number of participants in the form of organic traffic and traffic on the terms of this site.
We accept all types of organic traffic except those specified in these terms.
It is forbidden to use advertising platforms to deceive users to receive a reward - such traffic will not be paid, and funds are zero.
It is prohibited to abbreviate links that lead to content that violates applicable law, has adult content, sells weapons, drugs or prostitution, or anything else that violates applicable law and is prohibited.
It is forbidden to reduce links that mislead the user, or lead to the automatic download of software, viruses, Trojans and the like.
It is forbidden to abbreviate links that lead to sites that have problems with the law or distribute viruses, Trojans or software that the user has no idea about, and thus mislead him.


Dear publishers, please note that we do not allow forgery / automation, bot, iframe, pop-ups / popunder, multiple accounts, adult content, proxy traffic, embed user links (user must go 2 pages to long link including captcha page ) - Your payments or account may be canceled and your account closed !!!
Any falsification and fraud on the part of the Publisher, which leads to a decrease in our income and increase in the income of the Publisher, as well as deception of the user is strictly prohibited - your account will be canceled, and the account may be closed !!!
Don't ask people to click on the URL Shortener NaMaidani link.
Do not click on your own link, you can only test once.
Don't use bots to generate revenue.
Don't spam our links.
Don't use any tools / scripts to miss ads ahead of time.
The use of websites / programs that generate traffic is prohibited.
It is forbidden to refer to yourself and register several accounts.
Hidden traffic source is not allowed.
It is forbidden to send visitors to a secure link with a password or an invalid link.
We do not accept fake, automated, VPN, VPS, adult and proxy traffic. Any account identified in this way will be suspended and funds will be reset.


You may not use any software, application, or other type of automated software to make claims. All accounts will be caught and automatically suspended.
You are not allowed to use a VPN / proxy to connect to the site.
Catchment services and software are prohibited.
Trimming the link to bypass the captcha is strictly forbidden !!!
Any attempt to hack the system will automatically terminate the account.
Any attempt to change the website will result in account blocking. You are not permitted to modify the Website under any circumstances. This includes using your own scripts and cosmetic changes to websites.
All bot traffic, traffic from pop advertising systems and other advertising platforms for artificial user augmentation - will not be paid, and all funds will be zero.
All abnormal actions are logged and you will be suspended if you are found to be suspicious.
We do not pay for fake, bot or artificially automated traffic.

Account Suspension

We will never suspend your account for no reason.
We consider the right to judge whether a participant is engaged in illegal activities, and we are not limited to the Terms of Service in decision-making.
We will not accept any requests for appeals to suspend your account, and we will not respond to email requests unless there is a compelling reason.


It is necessary to adhere to or refer to our conditions in the Ukrainian language if there are differences in interpretations when translating.
Any questions regarding these Terms of Use should be sent to shortener@namaidani.net.